Harmful allergens are living and thriving inside the ventilation system and passenger cabin of almost every vehicle on the road. You may be endangering your health without even knowing it.

Every time you turn on the fan, harmful mold spores and other microorganisms are blown into the passenger compartment and into the air you and your passengers are breathing.

Every day harmful airborne particles including vehicle exhaust, brake dust, fine road dust, pollutants and greenhouse gases are drawn in through your car's fresh air vent.

You should. consider the amount of time you and your family spend inside your vehicle. If we are going somewhere, chances are you will be driving there. The average driver in North America spends 1.5 hrs. Per day in their vehicle or more.

The function of an air conditioner is to help remove the heat and humidity from inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. CarFix certified technicians will Inspect belts and compressor components, evacuate refrigerant from the system, vacuum test the system for leaks.

recharge the air conditioning system using the appropriate refrigerant to the system, the testing and pressure checks done. Our certified technicians make  sure everything in the air conditioner system works within vehicle manufacturer's specifications. Then the system is cleaned and sanitized for your health and safety.

Air Conditioner tune up & Clean

Think about the Air you’re breathing, inside your car ?

Robinair Cool Tech

Our Robinair machine can test you air conditioning system, top it up with lubricant and coolant .