Regular maintenance is important to enhance the performance of your vehicle, and protect the value of your investment. Regular maintenance will control pollution levels and reduce the amount of fuel that your vehicle uses. Driving Green protects our environment. Our quality parts will meet or exceed manufacturers recommendations.

 Most vehicles have regular maintenance intervals as well as similar recommended service items. Average intervals include 3 month or 5,000 kilometers for oil and filter service. Every 6 months or 10,000 kilometers we recommend oil and filter service, tire rotation, top off all fluids and overall inspection. For additional required service intervals consult your owners manual. These intervals are continuous throughout a vehicles life. Older vehicles or vehicles with high mileage normally require more frequent adjustments and replacement of wearing parts. Normal wearing parts include: Brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums. Timing belt, drive belts and hoses. Spark plugs, coils, cap and rotor and cables. Battery. Air conditioning refrigerant. Shocks & struts. Clutch disc, pressure plate, bearing and flywheel. These items wear during normal vehicle use and may need service or replacement in between regular service intervals.

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Even if your vehicle seems to be running smoothly, unseen problems can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

A recent survey conducted by the Car Care Council found:

Be informed, your vehicle came with a manufacturers maintenance manual. Don’t leave your maintenance, plan your maintenance using your manufacturers recommendations. Keep in mind most Canadian vehicles need to comply with the “severe” service scheduled recommendations. We can help you keep those mechanical bugs away also keep your vehicle safe and reliable.

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