If your vehicle is pulling from one side to the other or if one or more tires are showing signs of premature or uneven wear, you may have an alignment problem. Regular checks can insure proper alignment and avoid costly repairs.  Regular checks can insure proper alignment and avoid costly repairs. Be sure to have the alignment checked every six months or after you travel 10,000 km.


 Tires are your vehicle’s contact with he road. Tires that are damaged or show uneven wear may indicate you have a  steering  or suspension Problem. Properly inflated tires can save money on fuel and the overall handling performance of your vehicle. Having the appropriate tires for the season can keep you and your family safe.

  CarFix has knowledgeable and experienced technicians who you can trust, when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance. For many years we’ve helped maintain every aspect of suspension systems for all sorts of cars, vans and light trucks,  foreign and domestic. From sway-bars, CV joints, and ball joints to control arms and tie rod ends.  We service it all.

 At CarFix, we offer the most advanced, state-of-the-art wheel alignment equipment to properly align your wheels. If you are considering the purchase of new tires, you should always get your wheels aligned first. This allows for maximum tire life. Rotate your tires as indicated by  the recommended service intervals chart in your owners manual. Ask us about the best type of tire to meet your a driving requirements.

If you need a ride within the metro area please ask upon booking your appointment.